CATEGORY your diary

エロゲー Your Diary + R18 Patch English/繁体字.ver

This patch adds R18 adult content to the foreign-language All Ages version of Your Diary +, available at the following link:【全年齢】Your Diary + English/繁体字.ver【About the Game】Your Diary + is a visual novel game that explores the seven ways people experience happiness in the stories of its seven heroines.・Yua: being useful to someone・Sayuki: being needed by someone・Yuuhi: being loved by someone・Kanade: being praised by someone・Kaho: falling in love with someone・Natsuki: having a romance with someone・Hotori: trusting someoneDepending on the player’s choices, the heroines’ affection levels will change, and on a certain day their stories will diverge…What kind of happiness will you pursue?━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…━━・‥…本補丁為《Your Diary +》R18版升級補丁。購買并下載補丁之後,可對《Your Diary +》進行升級。全年齡版《Your Diary +》請點此處『 【全年齢】Your Diary + English/繁体字.ver 』【遊戲簡介】《Your Diary +》是一款視覺小説遊戲,七位角色的故事主題分別表現了人類感到幸福的七要素。・YUA:有助於人・紗雪:為人所需・夕陽:被人所愛・奏:受到表揚・香穗:真心喜愛・奈月:經營愛情・歩鳥:傾心於人各位角色分別表現了不同的主題。玩家在遊戲中選擇不同的選項時,各位角色的好感度也會隨之變化,達到一定好感度后,從特定日期開始可進入角色的個人線。請親眼見證──玩家與各位角色的幸福人生。